Welcome to English in North Wales

English in North Wales is a teaching and learning initiative between a group of schools, colleges and universities based in North Wales whose purpose it is to encourage the learning of the English language.
This network of education organizations consists of accredited establishments that base their programmes on the best quality standards in their field.
The initiative aims to satisfy the ever-growing demand for linguistic knowledge, be it to improve skills useful in the world of work or to complete one’s essential cultural background.
The synergy between the various partners of this project makes it possible to offer a wide range of English language study holidays that ally top quality and high competence as well as being economically sustainable.

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Bilinguism and learning the English language

Wales is a bilingual country: English and Welsh are spoken. In order to point out the importance of local culture and language and its dynamics with the English language, ‘English in North Wales’ is proud to collaborate with Mentrau Iaith that arranges sessions in English about topics related to the Welsh language and culture. It’s an incomparable educational experience for students from Europe and outside Europe for getting to know the local culture and for learning English!

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