Conlan School

Conlan School was established in 2001 through the efforts of an Irish and Italian school group and with the support of the Welsh Development Agency. As well as activities for single students from all over Europe (young students, workers and managers), Conlan has grown and developed its programmes to offer periods of study for schoolchildren and young people aged between 9 and 19. At the same time, Conlan has developed partnerships with European projects (ESF, Leonardo programme) enlarging horizons beyond language tuition and toward professional training and school integration.
Conlan School promotes the English in North Wales initiative

Language Courses

Language training
An intensive English course with 20 hours per week.

Rugby & Language training
Expand your language knowledge and play against our local rugby teams.

Work experience
Enrich your resume with a working experience abroad! We organize your training in Wales where you can learn how to integrate into a work place

Specific programmes for primary and secondary school

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Conlan School Factfile

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Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, East Midlands, Anglesey
Distance from Cardiff:

290 km
Distance from Chester:

50 km
Distance from Liverpool:

70 km
Distance from Manchester:

110 km

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